Love & Carrots is a small, woman-owned, sustainable urban farming company that’s based in Washington, DC and specializes in custom vegetable garden installation, maintenance, and coaching.  While it started with just a woman and her pickup truck, the business has grown to a staff of 15 and has built and planted over 500 gardens in the DC metro area.  Every garden is customized to ensure it is successful.  They also use proven, organic gardening techniques and offer expert gardening advice to their customers.

The mission at Love & Carrots is to make vegetable gardens a commonplace feature in urban landscapes.  They provide assistance to those who want to create their own organic gardens and they are passionate about using a hands-on approach to educate others about why eating organic and locally grown are important.  Their hope is to get people excited so they share their knowledge with others and spread the word about sustainability and biodiversity.  If you’re interested in starting a garden of your own, contact the folks at Love & Carrots to help you live a healthy lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint!


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