Erin Bellissimo - Blog Coordinator

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Erin Bellissimo was born and raised in the Washington, DC area until she moved to Colorado in 2003 to attend the prestigious the United States Air Force Academy, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science.  Upon graduation, she was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force and has lived in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and currently resides in Arkansas.  She completed her MBA in March of 2015 and is applying to graduate programs in the hopes of furthering her education by earning a Ph.D. in Psychology.

Erin separated from active duty Air Force in 2013 and is now in the Reserves, serving as a Liaison Officer Director for the Air Force Academy.  She and her husband, Danny, an active duty Air Force C-130J pilot, have three children, Grady, Shea, and Waverly, in addition to two dogs.